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Eyelash Extension


Russian lash extensions are finer strands of synthetic eyelashes than we use for classics. The Russian technique groups these finer single lashes together to create ‘fans’ which is what gives the volume to the lash look. These fans are then applied to each individual natural eyelash for a fuller, fluffy and luscious look.

Why choose russian eyelash extensions

Russian eyelash extensions are perfect for those who are wanting a more volumised or glam look. Danielle is our Russian lash queen, she carefully hand makes each fan and can create a gorgeous set relatively quick in comparison to other salons. This is due to her extensive list of regular lash clients. She has also attended additional courses on lash mapping and advanced pinching techniques.

They make your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer which makes your eyes look wider and more dramatic. Furthermore, they save time as there is no longer any need for the curling of eyelashes and application of mascara.

What are the extensions made of and how are they applied?

They are individual extensions made from synthetic material that mimics your existing eyelash texture. We DO NOT use mink lash extensions.

A special bonding agent is applied to each individual extension and attached to your existing lashes, so the process does take a while longer than attaching strip eyelashes. The extensions look completely natural because the bond created is flexible and strong. The extensions are virtually weightless, so you don’t feel their presence.

How long do russian lashes last?

Eyelashes follow a growth cycle of between 3 and 6 weeks, and when your natural eyelash falls out, the extension falls out with it. Infills are needed regularly every 10 to 14 days, to keep your lashes looking natural and full if they are intended for long term wear. If you are only having the extensions applied for a special occasion like a wedding, you can have them removed professionally by your lash technician after a few days or weeks.

How do you care for your lashes?

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are easy to look after. You must not get the extension wet for at least 24hours and must avoid any excessive heat such as saunas and steam rooms as these can loosen the bond quicker than usual.


You should not use any oil-based make up remover or creams on or around the eyes, as these also can make the adhesive loosen and the extensions will fall off.


Your lash technician will give you a lash wand to take away with you after your appointment. Use this to brush your lashes through each morning to keep them in place. We recommend cleansing your lashes every few days with an oil-free, foam cleanser to make sure everyday oils and dirt don’t settle on the lash roots.

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