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Brighten up that dull skin with a bespoke an @28 luxury facial treatment, guaranteed to give you that radiant glowing look. Performed in our dedicated facial room, sit back and let out highly trained staff take care of you.

What to expect from our facials

We start each of our facials with a double cleanse. This ensures all makeup and debris is removed properly from the skin’s surface.


We follow with a manual exfoliation to sloth off any dead skin cells and then a soothing facial massage which helps circulation and lymph drainage.


As the calming mask containing white nettle and chamomile soothes the skin you will enjoy a relaxing decolaté and hand and arm massage.


Once the mask is removed, toner and moisturiser are then used to finish everything off.


This treatment really is pure luxury.

Gold collagen infused facial

Upgrade your mask choice to Gold Collagen infused with LED light therapy. As the name states, it improves collagen production while being extremely hydrating and soothing on the skin. Its coolness helps tighten pores and leaves your skin with a beautiful healthy glow. The addition of the LED light therapy helps the gold collagen mask penetrated far deeper than topical treatment

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