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If you are looking for a natural and long-lasting (semi-permanent) eyebrow treatment then microblading is your best choice. There are many methods of microblading, but the most natural-looking technique are manual strokes. The PhiBrow Technique, which is the treatment offered at Charlotte’s Studio Beauty is the most hyper-realistic treatment on the market, due to the ultra fine blades and exceptional pigments used.

What is PhiBrows – Microblading?

The latest, revolutionary and most realistic method of semi-permanent makeup. Using a specially designed micro-blade, natural hair strokes are drawn into the surface layers of the skin for the ultimate tailored brow.

Mathematical and precise measurements to the golden ratio (the rule of Phi) are done prior giving you the perfect and most natural brow shape for your face. While the pigment colour used in the treatment has been specially formulated to match the original eyebrow hair colour, achieving the most natural look possible.

This cutting-edge treatment is ideal for enhancing and defining brows and you, although the measurements are mapped out by your microblading specialist the client is in control of how thick/thin/light/dark they wish their bespoke brows to look.

Unlike old methods or shading methods (which use a tattoo style machine), there is no risk of pigment “spilling” under the skin, which can cause heavy and miss coloured brows.

Therefore PhiBrow results in perfectly natural looking hair strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present prior to treatment.

How long will the eyebrows last?

The results can last up to 24 months. The whole process of microblading takes around 2 hours and the client will return after 4-6 weeks for a perfecting colour boost to implant more colour where patches have faded due to thicker parts of the dermis and perfect the eyebrow shape if needed but not always necessary. With Charlotte’s Studio beauty we offer this first top-up for free!

What are the benefits of PhiBrows?

  • Natural and realistic hair-like design

  • The ideal pigment is matched with your natural brow colour

  • Waterproof

  • Smudge-proof

  • Semi-permanent

  • Very long-lasting

Why choose @28 for your microblading?

In order for @28 to offer this service, therapists had to go through stages of exams as well as prove her skill to a PhiBrows master personally selected by the creator of Phibrows, Branko Babic. It is only when the master has agreed and approved that she is allowed to offer this service. This is how PhiBrows has become the undisputed king of eyebrow microblading.

Personally trained under a master selected by Branko, meaning she has literally had the best PhiBrow training possible. This training is constantly ongoing as work is regularly assessed to make sure everything is coinciding with PhiBrow standards.

With a natural eye for great-looking, symmetrical shapes, @28's artistic style and their flawless attention to detail, be prepared for your eyebrows to look nothing short of perfect.

Please note that a patch test and consultation must be done at least 48 hours prior to treatment.

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